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About Us


Prairie Dog Studios has been in business since 1998.  We provide in-house and remote sound recording services to the northern plains of the USA.  We record all forms of music, spoken word and sound productions.  We are capable of delivering CD, CDR, Mini CD, MP3, DAT and a wide variety of other audio tape formats.  Our projects include in-studio and remote recording of original music, instructional audio courseware, remix and transfer of audio recordings to different formats (dubbing), recording and production of promotional audio media, on site capture of concerts and recitals, copyright registration media, and demo cds and tapes.


to be recognized the premier sound recording facility in the northern plains of the US by providing our clients the opportunity to create superior sound recordings at competitive prices.  We believe that our success is dependent on providing every client with access to the tools, services, knowledge, and options to create the sound they want the world to hear.
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